Essay sarah winchester and her mystery house

The Truth About The Winchester House

Moreover, when we place the numbers side-by-side, i. It is highly probable that Mrs. For this reason, the Mayans and the Chinese had 13 month calendars. Thus, what appear to be upside-down pillars, chimneys and skylights that have overhead roofs, and doors or stairs that lead into solid walls make perfect sense when viewed from higher dimensions.

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However, both Richard and Sarah resolve to overcome their plight with the phrase: Doors open onto walls. It is a virtual shrine to Bacon.

To the ancient Egyptian mind, this is where heaven is located. Many visitors to the Winchester mansion have justifiably compared its strange design to the work of the late Dutch artist M. We can clearly see that this is a ball-like feature, and not a circle.

Although no mention has ever surfaced as to any specific guidelines or special instructions by which Mr.

The Story Behind the Haunted Winchester Mystery House

Many visitors to the Winchester mansion have justifiably compared its strange design to the work of the late Dutch artist M. The dimensions are not accidental. When Sarah looked up at this grid, she saw an array of significant numbers. Encryption Codes—The Winchester-Bacon Connection As noted earlier, young Sarah Pardee was raised in an educational environment in which she had direct exposure to the influence of Masonic, Rosicrucian, and Baconian concepts.

Again, we should not be surprised that Sarah introduces us to her puzzle by demonstrating her view of her relationship to Bacon. There are tiny doors leading into large spaces, and large doors that lead into very small spaces. A spiritualist in the mids, when plenty of sane Americans believed they could communicate with the dead, Wincehster became terrified that her misfortunes, especially the death of her husband and one-month old daughter, were cosmic retribution from all the spirits killed by Winchester rifles.

When Sarah first met William Wirt Winchester, she would have found his numbers to be nothing short of miraculous.

The Story Behind the Haunted Winchester Mystery House. July 19, April 10, Share. Pin +1. Sarah Winchester. The story of Sarah Winchester is one of the strangest stories I have ever heard.

If you have an interest in the supernatural, please take a moment to read this. A response that led to the construction of the one and only.

Each time I visit the Mystery House, I try to envision what this space must have looked like to the “rifle widow” Sarah Winchester, when she first encountered it in —acre after acre of. Sarah winchester was leading an ordinary life. She was married and had just had her first child.

A week after the child was born, it died a mysterious death. More about The Winchester Mystery House. Essay Character Analysis of Dean Winchester Words | 4 Pages; Mysteries Essay Words | 7 Pages; The Mystery Of Mystery By Agatha Christie.

The belongings in Winchester Mystery House were left to her niece, Marian I. Marriott, who took what she wanted and the son of Oliver Fisher Winchester, the rifle magnate, and her daughter. After her daughter's death Sarah Winchester never tried to have kids again.

Also after the death of her husband William Winchester, Sarah never married.

Essays on sarah winchester and her mystery house

The MYSTERY of the Winchester Mystery House is now finally SOLVED, and it has nothing to do with Haunting Spirits or Seances. for all of the precise details and a complete understanding of Sarah Winchester’s amazing mind—and her the uncanny relationship with Francis Bacon and Shakespeare, read: The Truth About The Winchester House.

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Essay sarah winchester and her mystery house
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